Bridge Loans

Our Bridge Loans offer borrowers an immediate financing alternative for short-term needs.

Bridge Loan Programs

What Is A Bridge Loan

A Bridge Loan is short term financing which is typically used to obtain funds until long term financing can be achieved. This is where the term ‘Bridge’ Loan initiated. It gives a borrower a bridge until more traditional financing can be obtained. Gap/Bridge financing, discounted mortgage buybacks, unpaid tax remittances, foreclosure workouts, bankruptcy resolutions and short fuse opportunity financing are all examples of transactions that can be closed quickly. Bridge Loans are sometimes called swing loans or bridging loans but they perform the same duty. Many large scale real estate projects and corporate acquisitions would be impossible without Bridge Loans.

Real Estate Applications

In real estate, Bridge Loans can be used to secure financing to obtain a property from foreclosure, quickly close on a deal or take advantage of a limited opportunity to purchase. Real estate Bridge Loans are typically repaid after the property has been sold or refinanced by a traditional loan. The interest rates on Bridge Loans are typically higher because they represent a higher risk of default for the lender. Typically, bridge loans carry a 6.50-11.00% interest rate and they’re usually about 60-75% of the appraised value of the property.

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